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Optus WiFi Talk Shutdown

Hi Optus crowd

Maybe someone can show me the wisdom of the crowd.  I was an Optus Talk user.  Most of the time at home we do not have cell coverage to hold a mobile call.  Optus Talk as Clucky as it was, was able to hold call or allow call.  Best was it was agnostic to phone so IOS or Android Optus Sim phone could enable this App.

It was so good that I encouraged students frustrated in basement of faculty campus building had no SMS.  I was proud to say if you are Optus user you have a solution.

But I see that Optus Talk was decommissioned.

Solution is Optus Calling that is feature in a small high end of IOS and other phones.  Stats note that say IOS is about 1/3 of users but my guess is 1/3 of  this group do not have upgraded phone that allows Optus Calling.  Other non-IOS is more restrictive as this is an elite set of phone.

My guess is less than 50% of Optus customers can access Optus Calling.  

How valued do the say 50% that don't have access and solution is upgrade your phone.

So what is my response to the student body and family that can not access Optus Calling. I can please maybe 25% of students that have right phone. Others it is like rubbing salt into the wound.


Who does Optus care about in the Optus Calling solution?

The 40 to 50% of customers that can access the solution?  The other 50 to 60% of Optus customers well spend lots of money, stuff the enviromnet. If you don't fit our mobile phone profile please don't look at our WiFi connectivity as we don't consider solutions for you as you are not one of the chosen few and not part of a loyal mass.

Sorry I can not encourage students or friends to be part of your extremely limited vision.

Solution I was given was upgrade phone by online tech.  They thankfully did not suggest move.

PS the campus that has no cellular connectivity in basement was in Melbourne CBD 3 minutes to Flinders Street station.

Maybe someone can give my a real solution for the other half that don't upgrade phone each 2 years?  They exist and you can see them in stats.

I don't think Optus values them based on  history.

Optus WiFi was a solution for all

What is wrong with clunky that gives other significant base a real solution?

Hoping I can proudly give our student a connectivity solution that ALL could access!  Not elite few!





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Respected Contributor

Re: Optus WiFi Talk Shutdown

If a "campus" is in a basement, then they should be able ot purchase a cell fi repeater (the only legitimate device in Aus) or speak to Optus about in building coverage setup.

Basements are pretty much no go zones for mobile signal to start with, 


All carriers have limitations on using native wifi claling, its not just Optus.

From memory its iphone 6(2014 release) and up and samsung s7(2016 release) and above are currently supported.

a 4 year old device is not what you could call elite, with numerous refurbished iphone 6 and up on the secondhand market for pretty low prices - this will give you native wifi calling without the app.


Optus was the only telco to have such an app, but due to ongoing security and support for the application (and its low user count) it was closed down.

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