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New Contributor yazmin01
New Contributor

Optus Sport


Optus sport was automatically added to my new plan and I would like to get rid of it please as I will never use it. I was not being charged for it previously but am now being charged $15 a month for the service.

Thank you,

Yazmin Laslett

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Optus Sport

Hi @yazmin01

Optus Sport is included in almost all of our current plans at no additional cost (also the majority of our plans including Broadband and Mobile since Optus Sport was launched).

You should see a $14.99 charge and a corresponding $14.99 credit. 

That's listed under the discount header on your Optus bill.

If you do wish to cancel the subscription, you'll need to message the team here. 

Select, Personal →  the product (Mobile or Broadband) → General & Billing.

They'll be able to pop through the cancellation for you. 

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