Optus Sport is not letting me sign in as New User


Hi, I have a new 24 months contract $100 plan, where I am entitled to have Optus Sport for free. I have been trying for a long time to activate my Optus Sport account, but there is no way that let me activate it. I called already and they said I have to log in from the computer, which I tried and is still showing invalid username and password.

Re: Optus Sport is not letting me sign in as New User


I tried this yesterday, with a mate who is interested in Sport, but not Optus sport, because it has nothing on it.


You get to sign up with the service when you activate it in the Sport/Entertainment section of your My Account, either in the top navigation bar, or in ENTERTAINMENT in the details section of the NEW account system.


Re: Optus Sport is not letting me sign in as New User


Hi @JuanitaE - thanks for reaching out. Not great to hear you're having trouble accessing Optus Sports. You should be able to register here → by clicking Sign Up in the top right corner of the page. 


If that still doesn't help, we'd recommend sending a message to our Live Chat team via the My Optus App. If you're unable to use the App, Live Chat may also be reached via this link → on a computer.

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