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New Contributor

Optus Sleek - Constant downloading, slow apps - total trash of a phone.

Hi, I brought an Optus Sleek as I needed a 4G phone in a hurry.

Total waste of money... hoping someone can help me redeem it before I bin it and start again.

1) The Apps run terribly slowly. It's faster to run facebook through the internet browser than it is to use the app. Even Messanger Lite takes a good 1-2 minutes to open a message, and more to reply. I don't have very many apps on it.


2) The file manager just seems to be an add forum, it doesn't do anything useful at all aside from show adds - along with its friends "anti-virus" and "boost" - I keep disabling it, but then it seems to keep reinstating itself.


3) It runs the most amazing downloads - like one thats currently taking 2 hours. I can't find what it's downloading, I can't stop it unless I disconet from WIFI. Nothing else I want to download will do so.


I've always brought cheap phones, the last few have been Huwai' ones that I've been very happy with. 

Can anyone advise on how to make this useless purchase usable? 

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Esteemed Contributor

Re: Optus Sleek - Constant downloading, slow apps - total trash of a phone.

Hmm that's dissapionting and given the specs I would expect better. As a matter of fact a couple of reviews I have read about that phone suggests it packs a punch well above its price. It might pay to do a factory reset and see what it runs like. If you find it works better I would then install any apps you might be using one at a time to see how it affects the performance of the phone.


Have you noticed the amount of ram the phone is using when it's on a go slow? 2GB of ram should be sufficient to do just about anything.


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