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New Contributor Jisi_1234
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Optus SIM only plan price drop within 2 weeks of signing

I tried Optus on prepaid for about 2 months then decided get a plan. SIM only $50/month felt right to me. When was chatting with sales personnel through their online chatting, I asked if there was a promotion for this plan. She said that was already on a promotion. So I signed up without second thinking.

Within 2 weeks, I saw the $50 plan on promotion. It was only $40/month for the exact same plan.


Well, is there any compensation for this?? Price match??

If I'm already on this plan for more than 1 month I won't complain for one second. But within 2 weeks?? and I was told $50 was already a promotion?? 

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Respected Contributor

Re: Optus SIM only plan price drop within 2 weeks of signing

You signed up to a plan/contract that in your own words, felt right to you. Optus aren't obligated to give you their current price point because you committed in writing to pay them $50 a month for 12 months.


They also run various promotions in different ways. Sometimes they'll keep the same price point but increase the data, others they reduce the price but keep the inclusions the same. The agent advising that what you were seeing was their current offer wasn't incorrect.


Long story short, if you buy a house today and the housing market crashes tomorrow, the bank doesn't given you a refund and neither will Optus. 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
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