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Optus Prepaid Epic Data – Expiry Extension

On the 25th of September, we launched Expiry Extension on Optus Prepaid Epic Data. If you recharge before the end of your credit expiry period, you will now be able to rollover unused days to your next recharge.

What’s the benefit?

Expiry extension allows you to recharge early without losing the remaining days left on your current recharge. Any remaining days will simply be added to your next recharge, giving you the ability to stack your recharge expiry.

For example, if you recharge $30 on Epic Data, you’ll receive the standard 28 day expiry. If you were to recharge another $30 on day 15 (14 days early from the current expiry), you’ll now have a recharge expiry of 41 days.

Important information


  • New and existing customer on Prepaid Epic Data are eligible for expiry extension
  • You can accumulate a maximum of three recharges (28 days * 3, totalling 84 days
  • The Data Rollover allowance as now been increased from 50GB to 200GB. This will allow you to purchase multiple recharges
  • Unused included MyData will roll over to the next recharge as MyData Rollover if you recharge before credit expires. If you accrue over 200GB of MyData Rollover you will forfeit any data over that limit
  • Video streaming data, Extras Credit and included minutes will not accumulate if the customers recharges before expiry


T's & C's apply




What is Expiry extension?

It is the ability to stack your expiry. Instead of losing any remaining days you have left if you recharge before expiry, you will be able to add them to your future recharge. For example, if you recharge $30 on day 25 of your current recharge, you will have 31 days expiry on my new recharge.

Can I buy multiple recharges at once?

Yes, you can. Note that your data rollover will behave in the same way, so you’ll notice some of your data is in MyData and some will appear in MyData Rollover.

How does data rollover work?

There will be no change to how rollover works. When you recharge, data from your previous recharge will move into MyData Rollover in the same way it did today, previously; however, if you recharge early you will have a longer expiry to use all your data

Will my Extras Credit or 10GB video streaming inclusions stack too?

A: No. Currently any unused Extras Credit or Video Streaming inclusion will be forfeited when you recharge. This will remain as is when this new feature launches.

Q: How many days can I accumulate?

A: You can accumulate up to 84 days, or three $30 recharges. If you continue to recharge at the maximum amount of days, you will not be able to accumulate any days above 84.


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