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I've an issue with trying to register for Optus Perks on the website. It keeps giving me this error:


"Looks like you don't have any active phone numbers or broadband usernames on the account at the moment. If you need some help click here."


I started an online support chat who connected me to the Optus Perks team by phone. The Optus Perks team directed me to the tech support team because they believe it is an tech issue as I'm able to access Optus Perks via the Optus mobile app but not register on the Optus website.


I was redirected to tech support and after about a 30min wait before someone from tech support pick up the phone. When I spoke to tech support about it, they tried some basic troubleshooting involving me using a different browser and logging in to MyAccount and registering with Optus Perks to try again but to no avail. They believe it relates more to a Optus Perk registration issue so once again, I got redirected to the Optus Perks team.


After another wait, someone else on the Optus Perks team took the call and after hearing about the issue, again believe it's a tech issue and redirected me to tech support. At this point I hanged up when the queue voice told me it was another 20 minute wait.


This is ridiculous: the amount of to and fro-ing between departments, coupled with long wait times and the issue of trying to register on the Optus Perks website still has not been solved.

Re: Optus Perks registration error


Sorry you've had such a hard time getting a hand with this one @Wthunder.


We're happy to try and get you in touch with the right error. We do have contacts within our Perks team that should be able to offer us a bit of guidance.


You're welcome to send us a private message. You'll need to fill in the following template:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/S

Your full name as it appears on your account:

Date of birth

Account/service number

The email address you've used to register for My Account/Perks: 


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Re: Optus Perks registration error


Same issues here

Re: Optus Perks registration error


I have the same issue too. I have not been able to register for Optus Perks since I re-joined Optus 4 months ago, contacted Optus Perks lots of times and now the issue has been escalated to the IT department (for the second time!)

Re: Optus Perks registration error


Sorry to hear that Nezzy Smiley Sad 


You're welcome to PM us with your details so we can look further into this for you.


Please include:


Full Name:

Date of birth:

Account or Phone Number/ Username:

Perks email:

Perks IT case number:

Are you the account holder? Y/N


And we can look further into this for you. 

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