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Optus Payment terms and Fees for Paper Bill

I have an Optus Bussiness account wiht 4 phones. I pay a $2.20 fee for the issue of a paper bill and I do not direct debit any bills. So whilst not happy, I pay for the paper bill because I dont like direct Debits and I dont pay the bills, the office does.


So what amazes me is that Optus terms are 14 days from the issue of the bill, but it seems that it takes Optus about 10 days to process the bill and put it in the post (for a 2.20 fee).


The end result of this is I often get an email to say my account is overdue prior to receiving the post.


I have complained to Optus about the time it takes them to process the bill and their answer is, it doesnt matter as we give you an extra 2 weeks to pay.


Come on Optus, with this day and age of Bank algorithms and the onus not to have a late payment on your credit history, how about writing a bill and posting it the same day? After all I am paying for the privilege.


Telstra are not that much better with paymetn issue date and due date being 19 days apart on my latest bill, but at least the bill arrives promptly, never have to see it and pay it on the same day.


DIsgruntled long time Optus customer.

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Re: Optus Payment terms and Fees for Paper Bill

You can get the bill emailed to you as a PDF the minute it's produced. You need to remember that once it's processed it gets handed to Australia Post to deliver to you. Optus can't do much about how AP handle your mail.


Email bill IS NOT direct debit, it's simply an email bill.

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