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Optus Mobile Phone Entertainment Pack

I have 4 mobile phones in the family from Optus, all of which have the Entertainment Pack (free download from Netflix and Stan), during the holidays the teenage daughters have been utilisng this service considerably.


With 13 days to go we only have 10% of our data available for remaining downloads and as teh biggest downloads that have been occuring are through the Entertainment Pack, is that data included in my downloads and if so why? Also, if I do exceed the 100% utilisation of our Data what impact will that have my service?

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Re: Optus Mobile Phone Entertainment Pack

How do you know how much data you are using?


The Optus Phone App shows data usage - In the breakdown area it includes all the data used (including free netflix data etc.). The main screen showing the total used for the month doesn't include any free data (i.e. that shows the actual amount counted out of your monthly allowance)


Have you recieved any SMS saying you have used 50% or 85% of your data?


I assume you are using data pooling and you and your family all use the same pool of combined data. If at some point you go over the limit then nothing will change. Optus will simply give you another 1Gb of data to continue using. The catch is Optus will charge you $10 for this data. If you use that 1Gb then Optus will just keep giving you more (at $10 a pop). It can get expensive if you're not careful.


If your family is using a lot of Netflix etc. around home then you should have them switch to wifi data at these times. Save your mobile data for when you're all out and about.




Peter Gillespie

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