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Love how optus continues to screw over their long term loyal customers. Just upgraded to the Huawei P20 Mate 2 weeks ago  that came with no added bonuses. Than today, 30/01/2019,  while on my optus account, low and behold, the same phone now comes with a bonus Huawei Watch GT.  This is my 3rd mobile plan with them, and not once has a bonus been included in any of my plans. Would be nice to have a bonus just once, but optus screws loyal customers by bringing out better deals within weeks of them already signing up.

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I seriously never understand this point of view. This offer you're reffering to is available to ALL new and recontracting customers. It's got nothing to do with loyalty or only looking to attract new customers while forgetting their existing customer base. 


Almost all companies operate in this way. I put petrol in my car for $1.40 last week and the next day it was going for $1.20, I didn't expect a refund. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. If the cost of the plan you signed up to went up the week after rather than additional value being added, would you call and as to pay the extra? You're a loyal customer after all....

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This is not an Optus offer only. 

Its done by Huawei Australia themselves. 

Optus, Kogan, Vodafone, JB HiFi and Mobileciti being licensed sellers are all in this promo.

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The comments above are spot on but I sort of get where you're coming from @mazza45. It would be nice if Optus just announced that all customers with accounts active longer than 3 years got a free month of data. Or a free watch or a free speed bump etc. Essentially a loyalty bonus. 


But on the flip side offering bonuses to this segment of your customer base is likely to have a very poor rate of return to Optus (which ultimately why any business does anything). By definition all these customers are presumably happy to sign on again with the base deals being offered. You yourself are a three time returning customer and Optus have little reason to think you need an incentive to sign on a fourth time. 


Personally, I find all "bonuses" are usually double edge swords that are ultimately going to end up costing you money in the long run (again that's why business gives them) Take the case of this watch for example. Its expensive and most potential customers would probably decide they can continue to do without if they had to buy it. But if you've been using one for a couple of years you've likely re-ordered your lifestyle around it and will be much more inclined to pay to upgrade the second time around (drug dealers use a similar approach Smiley Happy)


IMO You're much better of deciding a deal on the base merits of what is on offer and what you specifically want to get out of it. Everything else is distraction and manipulation. 


Peter Gillespie

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