Optus Lost my SIM only order now offer has expired


Optus, I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction. I have exhausted all avenues I know in contacting Optus.
2 weeks ago I ordered online a SIM only plan. I did this with Jack G online through Optus online chat.
I completed the ID check and Jack G game me an order number S6777554.
He advised I would get an email in 24 hours. That was on 29th September and still no email.
I have gone on to online chat since then and keep getting told "Sir, you need to just wait". I then was told to email through a copy of my driver's licence to which I did 3 days ago, still no response.
I called Optus yesterday and was told the order number isn't even in my name or linked to my mobile number. I'm now at a complete loss as to what to do. I have a complete transcript of my conversation with Jack G from the 29th September.
I ordered the SIM only plan $30 for 15gb.
I'm needing the new Optus SIM by 25th October but no one can tell me anything. I'm frustrated and concerned that Optus have lost my order or Jack G didn't know what he was doing. Can you advise what I should do next? Is there an Australian based escalation path I can follow? Can someone who can help contact me?

Thank you.


Re: Optus Lost my SIM only order now offer has expired


Hello GregV, I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you've faced with your order. If you send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name and date of birth, we'll look into your order and assist with having this moved forward. 

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