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Optus Data Usage = Fail


My usage reset 0907am i recieved an alert stating that i have exceeded 5gb data.You now have an extra 1gb for $10.00...




 So i checked my account.


Usage Summary expired last updated 0659am,08 Feb 2015

4.89gb of 5gb used


Usage broken down by device 4.29gb   (prime)  0 (shared)


My Data usage on my phone for the month cycle 4.76gb


i set my warning at 4.6gb and my limit at 4.8gb giving a 200mb buffer of "discrepancy"


How is this right??,my broken down by device is lower than my data summary, my limit is set at 4.8gb.(which by the way blows,as i loose 200mb a month)


Can someone look into this live chat on my app isnt working.



Furthermore i dont want an "auto" top up, i want the right to choose to be topped up or shape my connection, its not impossible you do that with cable etc, optus just makes more money this way,which they will deny but we all know its true Smiley Wink


How many people have so called gone over and then been topped up at the end of their cycle,payed $10 only not to recieve the full 1gb,1mb for $10  isnt cheap dont you think.



I think many Optus customers would be very happy when Optus gives them the right to choose.












Re: Optus Data Usage = Fail


All sorted out quickly by John thank you so much for thatSmiley Happy


Re: Optus Data Usage = Fail


Great to hear the issue has been sorted out PA71! If you'd like us to pass on some feedback to John you can send me a private message with the details Smiley Happy

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Re: Optus Data Usage = Fail

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They make it sound wonderful that they force an extra $10 bill down your throat, instead of charging per/mg overuse fees like other isp's have in the past.

In reality, it really isn't that much better, if at all.
They still get their money's worth, and you still don't get the right to say "oh wow I've maxed out my usage allowance 1 day before the billing cycle ends, I'll pass on that 1gb for $10 upgrade.

It really is stupid that 1 day before your cycle ends, optus will still shove a 1gb for $10 bill down your throat, which you lose as soon as the cycle ends!

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