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Optus App - Feedback Wanted



Just thought I'd put up a thread for ideas on the Optus App. Its improved over time but I wondered if there was any features or design ideas people had? My initial thoughts:


1. It should be able to set the Premium SMS monthly limit with a few clicks.


2. The Widget (5x1) doesn't  work on android phones in landscape mode (text gets all cut off)


3. I really wish the widget was more refined. A single 1x1 block could have three strips (The Optus logo as now on top, middle graph strip of days used, bottom graph strip of data used).  Or perhaps bump to a 2x1 app (vertical) that keeps the current left bit and circle graph, but puts Data Left (e.g. 2.4 Gb) under and days left (e.g 8 days) under that. Long and short press to access full app or refresh. 


Mainly I'd just like to see a compact widget as an option (and one which works in landscape mode)




Peter Gillespie

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Optus App - Feedback Wanted

Hi Peter

I agree with you that the ability to control your Premium SMS from the app would be a solution  to all the problems documented in the forum with customers being charged for services they didn't ask for.

And.... the other pet gripe why not have the ability to choose whether extra data is added when you have reached your plan's limit.

I am sure Optus will ignore both of the above because of their short sightedness in chasing quick profits for negative customer feedback.

The other suggestion I would make is why not on opening the Optus App for it to show your usage and days left.   After all I think that is the main reason customers are opening the app.

As for the widget I am not a fan of widgets, the only widget I have on my phone is for weather.

Hope this adds to the discussion.







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Respected Contributor

Re: Optus App - Feedback Wanted

Ultimately, you'd like to be able to do everything in the app right? Change plan, set premium spend etc. The only reason why I wouldn't agree with the premium spend just yet is because it's something most users would only use once (as in you set to $0 and then never touch it again) so how relevant is it? Especially if the default was set to $0 *hint hint*


For me, I'd like to be able to log in using finger print (or IRIS scan for Samsung etc). 


Widget could definitely improve as well or at the very least, do what Dave said and make the front screen your usage. 



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Re: Optus App - Feedback Wanted

I'd like it, if my MBB plan wasn't greyed out.


Also, it needs a buy more backhaul for my NBN button.

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Re: Optus App - Feedback Wanted

Hi @petergdownload @Davelew @SamSam @10000000000GB

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you all for the informative and helpful posts that are regularly placed in our threads. Users like yourselves make YesCrowd such a great place to converse about all things Optus.

Your comments have been tagged as feedback, which is always looked at by our reporting teams when making changes to things such as the Optus app.

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