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Optus App - Billing Tab Error


Hi ,

I have been on an optus plan for just over a year now and in the beginning once everything was set up everything worked fine, however for about 6 months or more now I have had this error.

When I open the Optus App to pay a bill, I tap on the Billing tab on the bottom of the screen, and it just says " Error Please try again Later " .

Because of this, I have had to type in my phone account number and use the Pay Another Account function manually in order to pay my bills. 

I have tried switching the phone on and off, etc it just seems to be a constant issue.

Any ideas ?



Re: Optus App - Billing Tab Error

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Clear all cached and system data associated with the app. Then completely uninstall the App and reinstall it.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus App - Billing Tab Error



Thanks for that it seems to have worked perfectly.

Wierdly enough my account number has now changed ( I had it written down before to pay manually) , however all my details are there correctly.

Problem solved thanks for your reply mate. Smiley Happy 

Re: Optus App - Billing Tab Error

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Great to see the collaboration here, @NMac @petergdownload.

We love seeing YC users lending a hand to give each other solutions Smiley Happy If you have a question or need assistance with anything else  moving forward, you know where to find us!

Re: Optus App - Billing Tab Error


Didn't work for me... Any suggestions?


Re: Optus App - Billing Tab Error

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Hi @KalemHufton, if you've followed Peter's steps above and the issue still persists, please send through a private message to us here with your account details (full name, DOB and account number) so we can look into this further for you. 

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