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Optus 3G Network Closure


Hi. Just wondering when Optus is planning to close the 3G network please? (i.e. When will it become necessary for me to upgrade from my current Optus 3G mobile phone to a 4G mobile phone?)


Re: Optus 3G Network Closure


I doubt there's a firm date in mind yet. Rest assured you will get several years of official notice. 


As a guide each 'G' is introduced aproximately every 10 years (2G 1990, 3G 2000, 4G 2010, 5G 2020)


2G was around for 25 years before being switched off. That would put 3Gs End Of Life at around 2025. 


Bear in mind though that 3G was a considerable step up from 2G and may last longer again.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Optus 3G Network Closure

Hi Peter That's reassuring. I was recently looking for answers about 3G. My shared data plan ceased working on my iPhone and iPad. During the help chat I was told. The tower near by the location is under investigation. XX/XXXX-2019 08:17:00 AM We've identified a fault which means you might experience issues with voice and/or data at the moment. Our team are on to it, and aim to fix this as soon as possible. We're sorry for the inconvenience. It was solved on my iPhone by activating 4g data but my iPad is old and did not have the option of 4g. Before and after the outage my data has disappeared this month quicker than I thought it should. I bumped the iPhone back down to 3G while I was up the street as it could not acquire it from home. But once that was the setting that is what it works off. Cheers
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