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Day 1. Order 2 phone and another sim. Online guy add for address. 

Day 3. Phone And sim were delivered to wrong address. But were sent back

End day 3. Notice txt that said phone were delivered. Rang to be told phones were being redelivered. Oh ask to speak to manager got hung up on. Rang back and no record of call.... Funny 

Day 5. Rang to ask as txt state phone will be delivered. Maybe done tomorrow.

Day 6. Still no phone to be told tomorrow and got new txt and notice only iPhone and sim on it and not Samsung. 

Day 9. Got iPhone and sim, no Samsung. 

Ring staff to be told can't do anything till phone is in warehouse,  why was it not with iPhone. Activating boost sim and they rang port people rang phone. 

Day 9. No Samsung no one knows were it is. Have to wait. Bull crap. IPhone still not activated. Spoke to online chat.  To be told have no got Samsung due to shortage..  But wait it already got delivered. Have photos of that comment.

Day 10. Still no phone as staff can not talk to warehouse as there were busy and would ring me back. No call yet. 

Day 11. Rang to find out were phone is still no idea, to be told iphone was cancelled (no Samsung which I don't have). they need to talk to warehouse but as its Saturday can't. Ask why iPhone has not been activated can't do anything as port are shut on weekends.

So ring back tec support to be told Iphone number was cancelled and so he started to give me the number of new sim no mate that's different  to iphone want to keep same number to be told can do it but will take 5 bloody days.... Than to be told manager is busy and will call by end of day...  But wait can't go into store to get phone..  Because that's different.. They are the same company or are we all just dumb people.  I know if this was a small business people would go off.  But

If we swear in general and not at staff. The staff hang up on you.. Time to ring ombudsman. This is beyond a joke and cancel all plans. 

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Hey @Wowfav - sounds like you've had terrible luck with us. Not what we like to hear at all.

Can you please send me a private message filling out the following →


Mobile number

Order/account number

full name



Apologies for the experience, we'll take a look.

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