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New Contributor Davem1
New Contributor

Re: Online Special $59 Iphone 8

Optus you really need to get your story straight. Now the promo has finished the iphone 8 is magically back in stock online. I spoke to chat and they said actually they are on back order but you can still put the order through online. When the promo was on we were told iphone 8 was unable to go on backorder. I would love an official response from an optus moderator.

Occasional Contributor blacksoil_123
Occasional Contributor

Re: Online Special $59 Iphone 8


You really and seriously disappointed your customers, especially many loyalty customers. We assume your intention of this promotion to get some customers from other service providers, but you forget to look after your existing customers and really hurt them this time. The deal really became a mess and become a joke now, and ruined your comapny's reputation. Not sure what type of value this promotion will bring to your company...we doubt about that...but we do know many people start to know how terrible your customer service is today. You can also look at the comments on your Facebook page. There is a serious issue with your operation and customer service. Remember people is not only just after the deals, but also after the service, and service is more important than the deal itself.

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