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So 1 week ago i ordered a mobile on plan during the promo with my student discount (30th of Sep). I received a temporary order number straight away via email. I waited 4 more days (well over 48 hours as said on website) however, no other email or sms came through so i went on live chat (Tuesday 3rd of Oct). Live chat told me they can't help process a temporary order so i called up instead. The second lady confirmed my order however, she also could not help me with processing my order so transferred me to a sales team member. This team member said she could not find any order under my name, email or temporary number even though the last 2 team members could. So she made another order for me and we hung up. 20 minutes later i received a text confirming my order with a reference number but no email, so i start worrying whether my email and address was written correctly and i go on live chat again. She says she can't help me with my order and updating my details so I'm once again directed to a sales team member. She updates my email and confirms my order. She then tells me that she will call me the next day (Wednesday 4th) to give me my order number. It is now Friday the 6th, a total of 6 days has passed and my order still has not been processed. At this point I'm getting very frustrated and thinking about changing providers. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Has anyone else gone through this? I'm getting frustrating having to hold for 30-60 minutes per phone call only to be handballed to another team member with no results. All i want is my order to be shipped. Please someone help me because i am beyond baffled at this point. Thank you in advance!

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Ouch. Unfortunately we do get more reports here of this sort of thing happening than I think there should be. There does seem to be some disconection in the background of some Optus systems. Some staff seem to have access to all the info, others not. Again unfortunately some staff try to be helpful and work around the system which can cause other issues (you may end up with two phones delivered now!)


The temporary order number also seems to be a bit hit and miss. You'd think it should just link to your order in the system, but apparently not always?


Hopefully a mod pops in today and can help locate the phone (again its often not so much the fact there's been a delay, but more the inability to just get a straight answer for where things are at)




Peter Gillespie

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Hey @Kep, sorry to hear about all the run around. Have you been able to get any assistance with this since posting? If not, we're happy to help out on our end! Feel free to send through a private message with your temp order number and account details - full name, DOB and mobile number. Cheers!

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