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One for the Mods: How about a two month Note 8 moratorium?

Hi guys,


I'm sure you saw the recent threads with plenty of posts from (very) upset customers wanting to upgrade their phones but being locked out for two more months.


This came about because when the Note 7 was recalled last October, everyone had their contract cancelled. Those that remained with Optus signed new contracts. Unfortunately the contract period was reset back to 24 months. 


Many of these customers are keen to upgrade to the Note 8 (and sign new 24 month contracts) using the $99 option in the CIP. However, because of the new dates this is not yet and option. 


Perhaps Optus could informally allow any such users to use the $99 option even if it is still 1-2 months still to go until they reach 12 months? It would no doubt be a word of mouth marketting coup and not cost optus much at all. If Optus wanted to they could put it up on the main page but that's up to them.


Note (no pun intended) this would only be offered to people who handed in Note 7 phones last year. The customer service staff could just be informally told to disregard the 12 month warning on their screens?


Perhaps someone could push the idea up the marketting chain?




Peter Gillespie

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Re: One for the Mods: How about a two month Note 8 moratorium?

Second this!!

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Re: One for the Mods: How about a two month Note 8 moratorium?

Here here!!! Pretty disappointed with the responses from Optus regarding the 12 month trade up dates for those impacted by the Samsung Note 7 recall - I agree that we weren't 'forced' to take up new contracts as such, however the choice that some of us made (specifically those who are now enquiring about the date they can trade up to the Note 8 for $99) was to remain loyal customers & resign a contract with Optus, many, including myself, also choosing to remain loyal to the Samsung brand by signing up for an S7 or S7 edge albeit with some reluctance but still a decision that was entirely ours to make... my disappointment is around the fact that Optus are remaining hardlined about the contract dates (which yes according to said contracts & dates they are entitled to do) particularly when the actual recall of the Note 7 was handled so woefully by Optus to begin with (incorrect information being given by staff to customers & their having to attend an optus shop or retailer a number of times to even surrender their Note 7) - I would have thought, perhaps hoped, that Optus might in good faith reward those of us who remained loyal both to optus & Samsung with the option to upgrade to the Note 8 from the date of the Note 7 purchase not the recontract date (i. e. Waive the additional 2 months) but alas customer loyalty (and customer service) seems to mean nothing these days which is very sad indeed. Come on Optus, surely the number of people the above refers to wouldn't amount to a bank breaking figure if the 2-3 months were waived. I'm sure if this was taken to a Samsung exec that they'd be keen to assist as they have & continue to show tremendous courage & commitment in repairing any damage the Note 7 did to the Samsung brand.