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Occasional Contributor bigev
Occasional Contributor

One User Profile with Multiple Accounts



I used to be able to see my post-paid and my pre-paid mobile data accounts under the one user profile on the Optus dashboard, all registered under the same email address. I have since been told via a support call that due to a systems migration that this is no longer possible.


I need a different email address for every optus service that I own, I am being told.


Surely this cannot be correct? What if I run multiple pre-paid SIMs for test devices? What if I have multiple numbers that are all paid for and managed by me for my family?


Can someone please clarify this?



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Moderator Tris

Re: One User Profile with Multiple Accounts

What you've been advised is correct @bigev. It depends on which billing system we're using for your service. We're in the process of migrating everything to the new platform, so your experience with this will be temporary. I understand it's an inconvenience though, my apologies for that. 

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