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I’ve had the same number for 20 years. Went overseas, kept my mobile account just to keep it. Got home after 15 months and my number has been disconnected. In store told me they might be migrating the number to a new system and couldn’t help me.  Really need this number back, it’s the only mobile number I’ve ever had and it’s pretty important for business as all stationary would have to change otherwise

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Hi there,


Wow 15 months.. You may have to share a little more detail. 


With prepaid you generally have six months after the last expiry to recharge and continue the lease of the number. After that the number then goes into quarantine then finally it’s retired/recirculated into the system for use. As it seems that you’ve let the number go for a further five months would make it near impossible to retrieve. One thing to note is if the original holder of the number isn’t Optus, that would lead to a harder retrieval path.


It may be possible to purchase the lease/number back at a premium.


Ill flag the thread and see if this avenue is at all possible..

Cheers Dave

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Re: Old number retrieval

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If take the opportunity to change the stationary. After 18 months of non use how much stuff are you printing out onto hardcopy letterhead these days? 


Peter Gillespie

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A bit more information. It’s was a contract but I changed accounts four months before I came back and missed the bills. Looks like they have referred me into a debt collector and cancelled the number. No emails or notification before they did this sadly. I had been an Optus customer for 21 years straight. Never been with another telco, I suspect they must be the original owners of the number. 

Re: Old number retrieval


Hi @GFK - Did you request to get the service suspended to changed to prepaid before leaving the country? If you can send through a private message with your account details - mobile number, full name and date of birth, we can take a closer look into this and provide more insight on what's happened.

Re: Old number retrieval


Ouch. You will likely have a mark on your credit rating. Also note Optus will possibly have sold your debt to a third party so you may have to deal with them. 


Note Optus must properly inform you before reporting you to the credit rating agencies. Get a free report, you can request one each year. Then all Optus to show they did notify you in writing.


Peter Gillespie

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