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New Contributor Indigogirllee1
New Contributor


Hi All,


I would like to personally thank everyone for their continued support at this time in relation to my son Josh, and his accident which took place on the 16/4/2012, as in a heart beat life changed forever for us!!!! Robot Sad


Josh is waiting to go to Sydney for further operations, already going through an ankle reconstruction  and a complete knee reconstruction, which has required a further screw along with hamstring ligaments being removed from one leg to place to the other, as he is needing a specialist to correct the extensive damage that has been done..


On his left leg he has broken the knee cap clean off, broken two of the ligaments at the back of the knee cap, moved another piece of broken bone which is attached to a ligament and broken the top of the shin bone.


On the right leg he has broken all of the 5 ligaments which means that his knee cap has absolutely no support and floating mid air, fractured the knee cap, and broken the right ankle in three places which he has already had operated and titanium screws placed to try and hold this in order along with 5 open scar wounds where his legs were punctured by the bike or where camera's where inserted to assist in completing the surgery!


This means that Josh is no longer able to walk, and completley non weight bearing for an indefinate period of time confined to a wheelchair and unable to bend his legs at all, only to be told at the age of 15, you may not walk again, and if you do, then your legs may deform as your growth plates are still growing...


So I am now caring for a 15 year old boy who is completley disabled for an indefinate period of time, not able to support himself in any way shape or form, relying on the games available on the Galaxy to entertain him, making the time go faster, not able to do the one thing that he loves, "Bodyboarding", the closest he will get for the next 18 months will be watching it on his Galaxy on You Tube!!!


Josh is now completley reliant on me as his carer,  having his whole world tipped upside down, not knowing where to turn and what questions to ask, or when he is going to get better, just to be able to turn over on your side at night, yes simple things that every day we take for granted.


And the one thing that I will always take from this is that we should never take our loved ones for granted as you never know what is around the corner as Josh was hit by a motorbike on the main highway, 5 minutes away from where I was that night, on his way to meet me after work, and thrown half way accross the intersection on the highway, being hit be a big old BMW road bike doing over 70km per hour, so his injuries could have been much worse, possibly tragic,and things could have been very different today, and instead of being a 12 to 18 month recovery it could have been a life long recovery.


So if you ever ask yourself, should I buy my teenage child a phone, then the answer is yes, as this is how he contacted me, and I was able to get to him in minutes, just seconds after he had been picked up off the middle of the highway as the bike shunted him in the air with such force, so to you OPTUS, communication is vital as we never know when we are really going to need you.


So again, thankyou to everyone, I cannot thank you enough and hope to be back on deck soon and look forward to Josh walking againSmiley Happy


Many Thanks




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