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Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to share this story to see if anyone else has experienced the same with mobile service providers.

I am getting several marketing calls from unknown numbers as soon as I complete a LIVE CHAT session with some LIVE chat team members of mobile service providers like OPTUS. We usually provide full name, phone number, DOB. Making the situation much worse, sometimes the LIVE CHAT member will have access to more than 5 months history of our telephone calls and the websites we have visited. Now at this point, the particular marketing & sales person has all required confidential personael information about not only about you but also all your close friends and family network. Here is what happens next ..


Then some opportunistic marketing team members, particularly from the team members from outsourced call centres start selling our full name, phone number and also the same details of our contacts to marketing companies like insurance companies. Mobile Service Provider can never stop their employees collecting these data in their own diaries - it is also highly likely that these kinds of opportunistic employees leave the company once they get enough data and then join another marketing company as salesmen and use this database to sell their own products. I think Telcos should immediately implement a system where we can share a reference number and PIN code and also restrict access to our phone number & calls history to for these opportunistic sales teams.

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Hi @Zen7777,


I'm sure Optus has processes in place to prevent such things. I've heard, for example, that their overseas call centres are completely 'paper-free' - the call centre staff don't have diaries or anything else to record your details in.



Also if they're stealing your information on the chat, and you get a call immediately after the chat... when did they get the time to sell your info? And immediately feed your number to a telemarketer, who normally use automated diallers...


Is there any chance it's a coincidence, and the telemarketing calls aren't related to the Live Chats?


(Also - you should register for the Do Not Call Register. I haven't received a telemarketing call in years since I signed up)

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Very shocked to hear that you believe this has been happening Zen777

I can assure you that Optus takes your personal info very seriously and an instance such as you describe would be  a breach of our privacy  policy.  If a rep has accessed your account, and asked for your personal info there should be a note of this exchange and you can request a reference for the call.

As TheWonderRabbit has recommended you should ensue details are updated via Do Not Call Register.

You can also select your preferences or Opt Out of marketing.

Please send us a Private Message if you have any concerns about your account being accessed and we’ll discuss this with you.

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Re: OPTUS Mobile Marketing Scandal


I've just spent the last 30 minutes trying to find a link that will allow me to set my account's privacy settings so that this type of thing doesn't happen. On 6th July we received an SMS from Optus telling us that we could opt out of having "anonymous data" shared with third parties. I feel a little naive to believe that this telco is any more sincere, than any of the others, in their professed desire to maintain customer security and satisfaction! Both of our email addresses and our mobiles are flooded with spam and opportunistic, unwanted marketing contacts and false offers for jobs and moneymaking opportunities. I spend hours unsubscribing and still they arrive in our inboxes.  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

Re: OPTUS Mobile Marketing Scandal


Hey @Karipete1, you shouldn't still be receiving these Smiley Sad

Just to be safe, have you opted out HERE as well? 

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