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New Contributor neti
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OPPO AX7 CPH1903 from Optus sim question


Couldn't find firmware/hardware/devices in the categories (might be a suggestion?), so here it goes!

I purchased an OPPO AX7 through Australia Post locked to Optus and only then found out it supports a single sim card only! I've been feedling with it, googling and trying to figure out if it can actually be converted to a dual-sim one. Hence, the question is does this model have a capacity, hardware speaking, to support a dual-sim mode? I'd assume, there must have been a reason why Optus "simplified" the original assembly.

Thanks very much in advance!

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: OPPO AX7 CPH1903 from Optus sim question

Hi there neti,

A great question, it doesn't look like it can be converted as the only phones that Optus currently supports dual SIM are Huawei models. We're not of the reason why this is.

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