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Since lunchtime today I’ve been getting multiple calls (would be more than 100 by now) from various random people I do not know calling me back because apparently I called them which I haven’t and my call log shows that I haven’t. They say my number shows up on their screen but a male voice has left a message when it’s gone to voicemail. I may be forced to change my phone number which I’ve had for 15 years which would be such a pain due to this breach of privacy. This is utter phone harassment. I spoke with Optus who have referred it on to one of their teams. Has this happened to anyone else?

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I have heard about this happening to other people - over different telcos in AUs and other countries.

Privacy breach - not that I am aware of - unless a company you have provided your phone number to was compromised and now they are using their information for unsolicited calls.


Pretending to call from a particular number is not too complex unfortunately, Optus can clearly see you are not the one making the calls and I am not sure of how they would go about fixing it.


My bank sends me SMS from "Bank Name" not a number and so forth, unfortunately the system can be used for not so beneficial activities.

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@Estie When you spoke to this caller did they advise who they were and why they were calling you? Have you tried calling this number back to see if anyone answers. Please check out this link for more info on stopping unwelcome and nuisance calls.

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I spoke to a few of the callers and they all said the same thing. They were calling me back because they had received a call from my number. Thanks for the link.

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Hi there,


Did this end up being resolved? I am having the same problem right now and I’m hoping it’s an easy fix as I don’t want to change my number.  My case is going with another team now. 





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Hi Emma

I feel your frustration, I didn’t want to change my number either as it is such a hassle.

The phone calls did stop after a few days but I never got a call from Optus about the investigation. I didn’t end up changing my number as I went overseas for a month and when I got back the phone calls seemed to have stopped

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This has been happening to me for 2 weeks, and I’m told by the Optus rep that the only solution is to change my number. Has anyone heard any better advice? Changing numbers will impact my work, personal life, wreck anything relying on mobile 2FA, etc. 


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Hi.  I spoke with Optus and they weren't very helpful - they referred my case to their investigations unit and I was supposed to get a call back from them but never heard.  Advising Optus that you'll escalate matters to the telecommunications ombudsman might help them resolve your issue.  I actually got interviewed by a journalist from ABC about this matter - see


In my case the phone calls died down after a few days but sounds like others haven't been so lucky.


Good luck.

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