Number is activate on both networks


I signed up on a plan we Optus in March 2018 and was porting my number across from Telstra.

Something happened with the port and as a result, my number is activate with both Optus and Telstra. This means that if someone from the Optus network calls my number the Optus phone rings, and if someone from the Telstra network calls, then the Telstra phone rings. This is the same for messages also.


I have been trying to have this resolved for almost 7 months, however, Optus do not know what to do and cannot release my number from the Optus network.

The support team says that the sim card that I have has been cancelled, however, that is the one that I am still using for parts of my communication.


What can be done as nobody has a resolution?

Re: Number is activate on both networks


Ouch. Phone companies don't work well when this sort of outside the box issue arises. 


I was a bit dubious but apparently the CEO complaint form does get you contacted from the "CEO Office" 


Try it as it can't hurt


Peter Gillespie


Re: Number is activate on both networks




I'm happy to go in and take a look. I won't personally be able to fix this for you, but I'll be able to reach out to the right area and get this one looked at.

Can you send us a PM with your details? 


I need your full name, DOB and the mobile number that's been ported to Telstra. 


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