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Does anyone have a solution. Trying to get Number Share working for new Apple Watch 3 (GPS -  Cellular).

When considering purchasing Apple Watch, did research and checked availability of Number Share on my Plan via ( result was that it was available. For last three days have been trying to get it working, numerous phone calls, Chats and 2 visits to Optus store and still no success. No discussion with Optus has been the same. With a number of times saying not available to me on SIM only plan, however after proving availability per the above website check, they say they will manually add. Now into day 4 and still can’t get working. Last consultant even sent instruction but can’t get past step two which is clicking ‘Mobile’ on Watch app on phone and then to enter account details. However Next step not highlighted on app therefore can’t click and show following comment ‘Your OPTUS account is not eligible to enable mobile data on your Apple Watch. Contact OPTUS at 133-937 for more information. Sick of contacting OPTUS who say they have manually fixed problem but still can’t progress past this point in setup.

Any ideas or advice from anyone having same problem would be appreciated. Would have thought after communicating with at least 8 OPTUS consultants they would have solved it.

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Hey @PippiR, your original thread about this issue is available here. As I have mentioned in our private messages, we are investigating this for you as a system error and a fault ticket has been raised. IT experts will be in touch with you directly in the coming days.

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i am having a lot of problems with my Apple Watch trying to set up mobile plan.

OPtus live chat has told me they have nUmber share activated but no record of a device.

i cannot set up mobile plan through my watch app on iPhone.

my watch does not ring when my mobile rings which it should.


can you help please? Also could you please delete number share on my account so I can start again?





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Did anyone get a fix for this? I’d like to know if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? 

Is there an easy solution as I’m going around in circles atm

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I recently had this issue, after a number of calls to tech support and two visits to an optus store, the issue ending up being that my sim card was too old. In order to work with apple watch, the sim card needs to be within a certain range of serial numbers. After getting a new sim card and activating it in myaccount, the watch starting working in less than 5 minutes. 

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I have had the same issue for the last couple of months trying to connect my Apple Watch to number share. I have phoned support, been to two stores, used live chat. The stores say they can not help and you must phone support. Live chat say they fixed it and so did phone support. We have changed my mobile plan from small business to personal. I have received an sms saying I have a new plan. The Apple Watch app on my iPhone still says that the account is not eligible. Who else should I contact at Optus?

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Good morning @WoyBoy, send your details through via private message


I should be able to work this one out. I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number.


I'll respond back as soon as I can.


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Hi it’s not letting me private message 

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