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New Contributor Kjohn
New Contributor

Note 8

Has anyone received their Note 8 from pre-orders yet? My friend is with Vodaphone and they got theirs today?

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Contributor Rockdad83

Re: Note 8

Nope. Still says they are awaiting delivery to their warehouse. People who ordered direct from Samsung have also received there's already. Looks like it's gonna be a sloooooowwww wait til Friday! Lol

Occasional Contributor UrbexKitty2k17
Occasional Contributor

Re: Note 8

Haha I have been checking my tracking email daily and even contacted live chat for an update. Apparently I should have mine this Friday! Can't wait!!

RetiredModerator Nam_L

Re: Note 8

Hope you all enjoy your Note 8 🙂


Should you have any concerns with your delivery, as @UrbexKitty2k17 has mentioned. It's best to confirm with our LiveChat team here →


Have a good one,

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