Not able to change MSISDN on my contract plan


So I recently purchased (a month ago) a 24mnth Iphone xs plan with a mobile number. I didnt realize that I could have used my existing number on amaysim instead of new one (my bad) and since then I have that phone sitting idle as I still use my existing amaysim no.


Now I contacted optus to port out my amaysim no. on to that optus plan but they straight away refused saying they can't change the MSISDN on a contract plan. I told them is it possible if I can move that amaysim to optus prepaid/postpaid and then swap the MSISDN on that iphone plan but they said it is also not possible. The only thing they told me that they can give me a new MSISDN from there free pool but cant swap to the number I want. I am kind of stuck now with this plan and left with no options. Can anyone help me on that or suggest some workaround?

Re: Not able to change MSISDN on my contract plan


Yes you could have ported your number in, why you didn't is anyone's guess.


It is possible to "port in" after the fact but finding someone with the right skill set will be difficult. I can attest as I successfully did it after I won my battle with Telstra to get my number back that I've had for nearly 15 years. You can't do it via chat though, you need to call during business hours for the right teams to be available.

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Re: Not able to change MSISDN on my contract plan


Thanks for the input, I did try few times on chat unsuccessfully and couple of time over phone to the relevant team but didnt work out. Seems I have to keep calling them until I get lucky and get the correct person who is willing to help and knows how to resolve it.

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