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You might be interested in this link re oneplus 5



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Re: Nokia 8


Don't jump into it too quick. Having issues with my Nokia 6 on the Optus network. Optus don't care as they don't sell the phone so are unwilling to confirm any compatibility issues and Nokia care even less as I am assuming most of the people buying them from JB or HN are already on Telstra or get convinced to change with the big upsell to Telstra these stores try when buying the phone.

as it is an intermittent issue that allows you to still use the phone, I have to wonder how many are just putting up with it for now.


No idea as to whether the same issues lie with the 3,5 and now 8. I bought the 6 to give it a test run to eventually get the 8 if I liked the new Nokias. Just have to wait and see now.

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