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For the past 3 months or so I have had no service on my mobile.  I have not received any notifications and, on my first enquiry by phone, did not really receive an adequate explanation.  I live on the border of NSW and Victoria on the Murray River and have never had this problem before.  I now have emergency service only, although if I drive 18 minutes up the road, I have full service.  What's going on in this part of the world.  If I had a few hours to spend I would make phone contact and express my dismay and my intention to change providers and perhaps not pay my next bill, given that I have not had the service I pay for.  Anyone else on the Murray border, having similar problems I wonder?


Re: No service in regional area


Hey there toffolous, sounds really odd indeed that you've experienced the issue for quite sometime and still not resolved Smiley Sad May I ask if you were provided with any fault reference numbers when you raised the issue with us? What exactly did they say?


Have you tried getting a replacement phone and also trying it in another phone to isolate the fault? 

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Re: No service in regional area

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I have just spent 2 weeks out near Broken Hill, driving some of the roads less travelled.

I had reception in Nyngan, then again in Bourke,  my next port of call was Louth - no reception on Optus, but ok on Telstra, the same for Tilpa, Wilcannia, Menindee, Bindara Station (south of Kinchega National Park), got reception again in Broken Hill, no reception in Silverton, Packsaddle Roadhouse, Tibooburra, or Whitecliffs, but these were all covered by Telstra. When I got to Cobar, I had reception, but the data speed was about 1.8Mbps on download and upload came up as an error, because it was too slow to measure. 

I do these remote trips regularly and have had similar problems.

After nearly 25 years with Optus, I am seriously considering jumping ship if Optus doesn't lift their game or work out some sort of way to counter this lack of service.  I am a high volume user and pay a lot for my service each month, but it is no good if I can't use it.

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