No second confirmation e-mail on an order?


I have recently just purchased a deal through optus that had been provided through work. The deal brought down a postpaid pack from $55 a month to $41.25 a month. I put in an online order and recieved the first of two confirmation e-mails. The e-mail said I would recieve another within two days. It has been a week since the previous e-mail (March 30th) and I am still waiting with no further information. Any help?

Re: No second confirmation e-mail on an order?


I had an issue with no 2nd confirmation email either. Ended up having to call (and wait for an hour to speak to someone) to see what was going on (my issue was I needed a credit check, among other things I am still trying to resolve with optus). Calling customer support seems to be the only way things get resolved here because even with the electronic chat I was told I needed to call. Hopefully if you have time they can help you out. 

Best of luck (hope it's better than mine)

Re: No second confirmation e-mail on an order?


Yeah I feel I'll have to do that. Thanks for the help! Hope it all works out.

Re: No second confirmation e-mail on an order?


Good Morning _Brad_, thanks for reaching out and sorry about the delayed reply! It sounds like you might have signed up on a Corporate plan through your employer is that correct? If so, you'd need to get in touch with our Corporate team directly as our normal residential customer service wouldn't have access to your account/order. Their direct number is 1300133334 during standard business hours. If you'd like me to clarify anything further, please don't hesitate to post back! 

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