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New Contributor

No more optus

Contract ended so made an order online for iPhone 8, got a temp order number and then waited for a few days. No updates, called Optus and was transferred to online sales twice. Put on hold for 30 plus minutes, but no luck.


Went on live chat and found out order was unsuccessful with no explanation whatsoever. Reprocessed the order and requested again to have it delivered to work.


Got a call from from startrack that was waiting outside a house that I left a year or so ago. Didn't even bother to even deliver to my new house. Mind you I have two phones with them, with one contract ended but plan still active.


Startrack will not deliver to my requested address unless Optus sends them an email. Called Optus, put on hold. Live chat agent said that package needs to be sent back to their warehouse to relabel the address to the one I have requested. But no delivery until after the 27th of December. 


I have requested to cancel the order indefinitely and will pursue another service provider.


12 plus years of being a customer and this is what their service has to offer. Good riddance to you