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I have $50 postpaid mobile plan with 30G data. Recently added another data sim to draw from 30G data pool. All of the sudden I am getting data usage warning that I am about to use up my data. I then realized I need to pay extra to get free streaming on this data sim even it is drawing data from a data pool provided by a plan that has free steaming already.

Can anyone confirm if this is the case? Is so what’s the point of having a 2nd data sim in data pool? No one at the Optus store warned me about this.

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Yes that's correct. You're paying for data free streaming on your mobile phone, not for the data pool. If you want data free streaming on the data SIM (assuming it's in a tablet or something?) then you'd need to pay for it. 


An annoying alternative would be taking the SIM out of your phone and putting it in your tablet when you want to stream. 

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Re: No free streaming on data pool


@sam Sam is correct!


The music/video streaming bolt-on is service specific. 


The required bolt-on would need to be applied to the 30GB Data SIM. If you've chosen the 12-month version of our $60.00 30GB Data SIM plan, you can activate the Music streaming and Mobile TV streaming bolt-on at no additional cost. You'll need to jump onto your My Account.


Login to My Account, and click on the Entertainment section to activate Music Streaming.


If you're on the month-month version of the same plan, you can activate Music and Mobile TV streaming for an additional $5.00 per month, 


Music and Mobile TV streaming FAQS


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Re: No free streaming on data pool


Thanks guys for the confirmation. I don’t have anything good to say about telco’s tactics. 

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