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No WiFi tethering on Optus Prepaid

Second rate effort by second rate company, Optus No closer to the truth, glad i am porting out to a better service, why dont you all wifi tethering? What difference does it make to your bottom line? I would spend more data if i could wifi tether my laptop to my galaxy nexus, which supports it natively, but due to optus i am denied a basic feature of my phone, lucky it works via usb tethering, something you cant ban. Anyway optus is rubbish, worse than vodafone and thats saying something, your network is average at best and cant maintain consistent data speeds, and i am porting out soon to a provider who understands the needs of smartphone users and can provide reliable service and wifi tethering. You guys need to get your thinking hats on or be left in the dust of your competitors. Anyone who is an optus customer should read the latest code of conduct and keep the ombudsman number handy, and if they try to blame a faulty phone on water damage insist on an independent inspection by a qualified technician and make a formal complaint to TIO, its a well known tactic to screw you out of your rights so they can sell you another phone.

Re: No WiFi tethering on Optus Prepaid

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Hi demonicdan, Optus doesn't currently support tethering on prepaid services, however I'll be sure to pass your feedback through to our Marketing team.


In regards to water damaged handsets, most phones have indicators in them that change color when the phone is exposed to moisture, so this is what the technicians use to make this determination.

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Re: No WiFi tethering on Optus Prepaid

Interesting, have personally encountered this with the so called sticker, turns out if the battery is at fault the sticker changes colour, and faulty batteries can cook a phone which is in no way the customers fault, in many many cases worldwide the customer had never gotten any water on their device yet the sticker had changed colour. But i guess its better business to charge the customer instead of doing a proper investigation beyond looking at a sticker. Your company tried this on a friend of mine and stuffed her around no end until she reported optus to the TIO. Amazingly the brand new phone she initially bought had some unknown persons phone numbers pre installed too. I understand the economic imperative to be profitable but optus is doing so at the cost of customer goodwill. Nearly used up my woolies credit so off to kogan, where they have no problem with wifi tethering, after all it will use more data= more turnover for kogan, seems smart. Their deals are heaps better too as is the quality of the network they use.

Re: No WiFi tethering on Optus Prepaid


Tom. In regards to Optus not supporting tethering on pre-paid services, can we have an explanation as to why not?


In another thread someone (not from Optus) suggested that it might be due to the fact that people could go over their data limits as computers, tablets and etc use more bandwidth.


I'm sorry, but if that is the officieal Optus stance I cannot agree with it as Optus already has prepaid Internet services.


I fully believe that, as I have purchased that data allowance, that I should be able to use that in any way that I see fit.


I'll be interested to obtain an official answer as I can not even get one when I go to my local Optus shop who can only tell me that they haven't been informed either. 

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