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I have been trying to get through to customer service to review ongoing issues. 

Twice now I have not been called back despite being on hold for over 1.5 hours. Ive been cut off and restricted due to "unpaid" bills when optus has my direct debit details and I have had to give it to them 3 times ( no there is no problem on the credit card side ) 


its extreme incompetance and I cant get help from support. 


Can anyone here give me an email address that works for optus, the online chat goes no where and call backs and call centres are useless they have cut me off and not called back twice now. 

I think this is my last port of call before going to the ombudsman to get an email addresss from anyone who knows so I can get some communication in writing. 

If a moderater is reading this can you please message me direct.


Re: No Support


Hi RobA77


This was shown to me by another user:

If you fill it out and scroll down you can mark your email as a complaint. Other than a moderator contacting you this is the only way we know of to lodge a written complaint.


Cheers and good luck

Re: No Support


thanks for your help I really appreciate it. 


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