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New Contributor sharlswa
New Contributor

No Double Data!!!!!

I have paid for a plan that is supposed to give me 100gb data plus 100gb bonus data and I’m not getting the bonus data. The same thing happened to me last year and it took four months and a lot of grief and time on my part to get it sorted. I did everything in my power this year when I was upgrading to not have the same issue. When I was in the Optus store making the purchase I asked for written evidence that I was paying for a plan (the most expensive plan!!) to get 200gb of data. I was astounded when the sales assistant said there is no evidence. How on earth can a company get away with not providing written evidence of what was purchased? I told the sales assistant that I wouldn’t be making the purchase if there wasn’t some type of evidence. She said that the best she could do was to take a photo of her computer screen that had all the details of what I was purchasing.  This is unbelievable! I was tracking the double data offers for 6 months and the offer before the one I chose ended on 15 April and the one I chose ended on 30 April and I made the purchase on 23 April! I cancelled my home wifi to switch to this plan and did my research. I am not an idiot and I know what I purchased.  I was assured by the sales person that this WOULD NOT happen to me AGAIN. I rang Optus yesterday and was told that I wouldn’t be getting the 100gb of bonus data as that offer finished on 15 April. I then went on to explain my evidence. The person I spoke to said she would submit it to the Marketing dept and they would get back to me. I got a message last night to say that I wouldn’t be getting it as it expired on 15 April. I then went on to the online chat, explaining the whole process and was again astounded that an online chat didn’t have the facility to upload the photo evidence and was told to go back to the Optus store and they “might” be able to help me. So around and around I go - the same f....g process I went through last year because clearly my time isn’t important. How incompetent can a company be? I will be taking further action if this isn’t attended to immediately. Anyone having the same problem?? Here’s the evidence I have:462D737D-F253-4615-AA81-CCD98123AF07.jpeg

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: No Double Data!!!!!

I agree it is pretty ridiculous that many contractual Optus situations seem to have little to no supporting paper work provided. I believe they are legally obliged to provide a CIS. Unfortunately the CIS are usually base plan  information and specifically say an 'special bonuses' are not listed here. I too have had to ask for hand written notes or one line emails (which I have no idea how much they are worth when it comes to the crunch - like your photo)


If you're contracting for thousands of dollars (not to mention exposure to thousands of potential extra costs) its really not good enough to tell a customer there's a link on our website somewhere but trust us we've got it covered.


The bad news, is that you generally can't force optus to provide you a service. The good news is some further attempts should hopefully see the situation resolved properly. The screen shots you've taken are quite clear and since the date of the deal you signed up for had expired a previous double data offer then there really is only one offer that should match your sign up date.


Hopefully a mod will pop in and you'll be able to get it sorted (the mods here are pretty good at taking responsibility for an issue and seeing it through to conclusion)


Peter Gillespie

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