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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

New to Optus and just recieved your first bill? Here's what you need to know.

If you’re a brand-new customer to Optus with no existing services (welcome!), the day you go active is your bill cycle date. You can expect to receive your first bill within the following days after signing up.

That’ll be a month in advance charge from the day you’ve become active on the Optus Network.

 billing asset for thread 1.png

  1. Your mobile service number.
  2. Your plan: Your rate plan as of your existing bill period. You’ll also find your plan ID, which can be used to find  copy of your plan critical information summary.
  3.  Month in advance charge for your new plan: You’re charged a month in advance between billing period 15/05/18 –   14/06/18.That’s the full value of your new rate plan.
  4.  Handset repayment: on the new plan: In this case that’s $5.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Black handset.
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