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New phone order


I placed an online order for a new iPhone 8 on the 22/09/17 and received a temporary tracking number in an email. 


I have ave not received any more correspondence since and am confused about what might have happened. I have never had any issues upgrading my phone plan online before and have been with Optus for over 10years. 


Temp tracking no:  T61506062139933




Re: New phone order


Hi @Emilyhakanson


Please have a chat with one of our live agents who will be able to look into this for you here:​​​​​​​

Re: New phone order


Well I been on the phone for w hours befor I could speak to someone. I placed my order then got the email saying I have ordered 2 iphones. Rang back to tell them and got a person what optus had done wrong. I to explain it to her three times then she puts me on hold. The next thing I know the office is shut and optus hung up on me. Well done optus you know how to keep your loyal customer happy. I will cancel my order tomorrow and make a complant to the osdusman as well.  Over 15 years loyalty down the drain.


Re: New phone order


Hey @MarcusCook1959, would you like us to try and help out with this one?


You'd placed an order for one iPhone however you receive an email that two handsets had been ordered under the one mobile number? Had we mistakenly recontracted two of your existing mobile services? It's not possible for us to add two handsets to a single post-paid service. Are you able to send us a private message with your order details? I need your full name, DOB and mobile number. I'll respond back as soon as I can.


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