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I spent an hour talking to someone on the online chat organising a new Huawei P30 Pro on a plan and getting broadband connected to my new place. I was assured everything was sorted. I've received my SIM, I've received my new modem and Fetch box, but no sign of the phone. This morning when I got online to enquire about it, I have been told that my order was cancelled as per my request!? I certainly didn't request to cancel it! What on earth is going on? I had even arranged to get the free speaker that was supposed to come with the phone! Now, not only can I not connect my new modem and get on the internet due to technical difficulties, I have no new phone on its way. Disappointed is an understatement - regretting my decision to switch to Optus. 

Re: New phone cancelled


They wouldn't have cancelled the order "at your request" and sent a SIM card, so that bit in my mind doesn't quite make sense.


Your best bet might be a complaint via HOWEVER remember due to Easter and Anzac day you won't get a quick response. 

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