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New SIM card not activating!!



got the iPhone X on brand new plan,  brand new number. Have been on the phone 3 times today and now the call centre is shut!


sim card is not activating, it first turned out that the number was so new it wasn’t in their system, the next call they advised me he had activated it, last call it turned out they had sent me the wrong SIM card but had activated the one I had received.... still SOS only :@ I have turned the phone on & off multiple times & ejected and inserted the SIM card itself to no avail! 


Help please! 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: New SIM card not activating!!

Hey @Tash2791,


It's odd that the number wasn't appearing in our systems: S All order attributes are selected at point of sale. This in turn flows into our order management system which sends the handset order to our warehouse for dispatch. I can't think of any scenario where the SIM wouldn't be ready for activation.


Is there an Optus store close by? I'd really suggest popping in and have them replace the SIM card for you.

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