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New Contributor Ausar
New Contributor

New Phone and plan order

Hey guys, 


I know you probably have been flooded with the same questions about phones not been delivered on time but could i get a straight answer. I have been on hold for 1:40 and didn't continue holding because it was getting unrealistic. I ordered the iphone 8 with the 20gb per month deal, I got the temporary order number and the email concerning my ID (i sent it too). The order has been processing for a day now with no change. I went in store and apparently my order has been approved (they didnt specify if it was getting shipped) but it doesnt say that online. I dont know what to do really or what to believe because im new to Optus and frankly im a bit dissapointed. Should I try attempt to message someone about it or keep it as is. 


(P.S for the people who havent gotten the confirmation of the order try checking the junk/spam mailbox) 


Many thanks, M. 

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