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New Phone Order

How long should I be waiting for a confirmation email after ordering a new phone. I ordered the phone on Monday and received an email to say they had received my order and I was given a temporary order number. It also said that it would take up to 48 hours to receive and order confirmation. 48 hours has come and gone and I have received nothing from Optus. Should I try and cancel the order (I am a long time Optus customer) or wait for them to send the confirmation email?

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Re: New Phone Order

Hello Sonya75. Under normal circumstances it should arrive within 48 hours. Unfortunately there have been delays caused by high demand and confirmation is coming out much later. If you’ve received a temporary order number, this means we’ve received your order and it’s being processed by our team. We’re sorry that you haven’t been contacted yet with confirmation of your order. We’ll send you an email confirming your delivery date once your order has been processed and it will be dispatched as early as it can be. Unless you have been contacted for follow up, there is no need to reach out to our Online Sales Direct team at this stage. We advise against cancelling your order. If it is cancelled you may not be able to place another order as stock has run out of some phones. 

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