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Went to the Optus shop in Woden today at 09:30 to move my BYO mobile from Telstra to Optus. I was advised that the port would take 15 minutes. At at 16:30 I still have no service. I rang to query the status and was told there are technical issues with the porting team and that it could take up to 48 hours to port the mobile to Optus.


Has anyone else experienced this ordinary level of service and if so how long did it take to move the phone number?

Re: New Optus mobile account


Porting involves two companies. Telstra and Optus in your case. Optus can request but then can only wait for Telstra to respond. If all goes well its 15 minutes. However the usual response time is framed as 24 - 48 hours.


Peter Gillespie

Re: New Optus mobile account


Thanks Peter. It's a shame that the Optus sales folk did not point this out (24 to 48 hours) advising to retain the Telstra service until it is revoked. I am told by Optus support they are experiencing "technical" difficulties today and that is the cause of the delay. I spent 40 years in IT and smell a lack of resources myself.

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