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New Family Plans

Bring the family even closer with our new mobile plans!


We’ve put together some handy links so you can learn everything you need to know about the new Optus Family and Kids plans.

Here, you’ll find information about the plan inclusions, sign up process and of course the McAfee Safe Family app. Follow the links below to find out more:

Optus Family and Optus Kids plans

What is the McAfee Safe Family App?

How to set up the McAfee Safe Family App

How to uninstall the McAfee Safe Family App

McAfee Safe Family App Troubleshooting


Sign up to an Optus family Plan today.  Have any questions? drop us a comment below 🙂 

2 Replies
Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: New Family Plans

What would have made it a real family plan was to be able to set data limits for the services on the plans and have it cut off once the cap is reached - A low cost competitor can do this - why not Optus?
Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: New Family Plans

Agree with @Logged-Off. This is a pretty good deal IMO. What would have made it legendary would be the ability to curb the data. Any families biggest concern with sharing a family plan with their kids is going to be them using all the data. And if its not it will be after they get hit with multiple $10 fees, or even when the months data is used up after three weeks.

Even if only the kids SIMs could be assign XGb. Failing that even sending an SMS to the account holder when each user hits say another 20Gb usage would be great. But I suspect its a problem Optus doesn't want to solve until it absolutely has to.

But other than that, this looks like a cracker plan and good value.
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