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New Contract Incorrect


Recently I upgraded my mobile phone contract and phoned support to check details of plan they said a upgrade is possible and then put me on the plan we agreed on which was (Simm only,$50 per month,12mth contract,30 gig data) I received confirmation SMS confirming the correct details yes I was happy with that,

However a few days later I checked My Account online and found everything wrong except the data&monthly fee someone put me on incorrect plan which is and still is (Phone&Sim, 24 Month Contract,$50 per month,30 gig data)

I have been given the run around on at least 3 phone calls to help/support, transferred from dept. to dept. at first told nothing can be done then on last 2 phone calls given the standard definitely will be rectified within 48 hours I have waited 1 week since the last phone call and problem not resolved.

Of course its not a serious problem and can live with the 30gig data@$50 per month but I didn't ask for 24 month contract and I am not interested in a new phone, I just feel let down and when Optus sends out periodically surveys I would not be able to recommend Optus to my friends until the matter is resolved.


Re: New Contract Incorrect


Thanks for raising this with us and I'm sorry to hear you have been unable to get assistance. We'll need to check the sales agreement on our end, and if necessary listen to the call recording. Following this I can request any necessary changes to your agreement. Please feel free to send me a private message with your account number, full name, DOB and I will follow this up for you.

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Re: New Contract Incorrect


Happy to report issue resolved


Re: New Contract Incorrect


Happy to report issue resolved and sent a private message to acknowledge and thank whoever resolved the issue!

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