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New $25 plan - Sim Only - May be of benefit to others

Not soo much as a question, but just to let people know about the plan.


Just saw the following plan advertised on the optus website:


For $25 a month you get

Unlimited Aus calling & SMS

3Gb data

Nat Geo, Optus Sport & Music streaming included


Are other plans under the promo with more data inclusions etc - so find one that would suit


I pay for my 2 younger sisters mobiles (as I am apparently an awesome brother)

Was on the $40 plan that has now finished its 12 months, as the plans share data and they use 4-8Gb a month I moved them to the $25 plan!

Saving of $15x2 = $30 a month.

My own mobile plan gives me 100Gb and I have a $140Gb MBB sim so plenty of wiggle room.


Guess the question is: Are you out out of mobile contract and you want to save some cash for better things like coffee?

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: New $25 plan - Sim Only - May be of benefit to others

Thanks for sharing @Paddylee.

The only thing people need to look out for no free international calls. For most, no problem, but there are a lot like me who want the international calls, incl mobile, to select countries.

Every month it would seem competition is bringing the cost down.


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