Never ending MIA Sphere Live SCAM!!


I have just joined the list for being scammed by these people who charged me 3 premium SMS on a purely data sim that is on a wireless dongle, which is shared!! Best part is, called Optus helpline, waited for 30 long minutes before getting a callback, made asked to resolve this issue and all I was told was, 'Sorry, did you click on something when browsing a webpage? Please contact the number on the bill, 1300724406, to get it resolve immediately or wait 3 to 7 business days to get 'someone' (if that person even exist) to get this problem resolved. What I can do now is to block all premium SMS to both your account.' When asked if I can get a refund, all I got was, 'I don't know (3 magical words to push the blame to someone else), from past experience the customer got a refund'. 

After hearing all those, I hung up, stupidly without getting the CSO name, and called the 1300 number. And behold the best part, after entering in the number that I am calling about, THERE IS NO FORWARDING NUMBER AVAILABLE!!!! All I got was '  to repeat, please press 1' (yes it literally came up blank) and if I keep pressing 1, I'd hear the same thing over and over again, I wonder if Optus would love to give me a new phone since they support these kind of scam. Now the dilimma. Should someone from Optus like to help me resolve this issue (I do not have the time to sit around wait 30mins for someone to call me back) or should get TIO to act on my behalf? Optus, your choice.

Re: Never ending MIA Sphere Live SCAM!!


the rep are actually correct when they say you cna actually acquired this accidentally clicking ADS, fake link or promoiton on websites. 

you can actually request for refund but refund will be coming from the third party provider, as they do no tolerate this kind of behavious thats the reason why they file complaint to the third party provide instead of refunding it right away, 


theres alot of post regarding this mia spehere here, you can read their post and most of them get their refund.





Re: Never ending MIA Sphere Live SCAM!!


@markdennis, I understand the refund would be coming from a third party provider and you mentioned, 'most' of the people who posted in this forum got their money back. But I won't be posting here if I have tried all avenues to get money back.


Following the advice of the CSO, I can call the 1300 number on my bill to get this issue resolved immediately, getting no forwarding number to call simply means that I have either lost my $27 (which is like 3/4 of my monthly bill) or they are chasing a ghost and I have to pray very hard that someone would even call me back for this dispute.


I have also read in this forum that a lot of people didn't know anything about this scam only until they have been charged. Plus shouldn't Optus be turning this premium SMS function off by default with confirmation through some verification. It is the same logic of your energy provider providing you additional value added service, weekly energy usage SMS, and they charge an exorbitant rate for it. And when approached asking for a refund because you didn't subscribe for it and you have never seen any SMS from them, all they say is you can talk to the third party or we raise a dispute with them.


That is why, if Optus condone to this scam, Optus should be the one taking charge of it. Not pointing their fingers to the third party and just raising a dispute with them. Afterall my contract is with Optus and not with MIA Sphere Live.


Hope you understand my fustration, as $27 may not be a lot to some people, it is worth my next month of bill to me.

Re: Never ending MIA Sphere Live SCAM!!


I completely get what you want, and im sure you're giving all your best for this


just extend a little bit of patient, contact them again and follow up for update, they usually check if theres a response already from the third party provider, becuase if not they can also forward a complaint to TIO if third party provided do no response


i think also the reason why PSMS is not automatically turn is becuase of australia fair go policy " all services should be accessible to you" unless you request to turn it off or set your spending limit to zero. 


hope this will be resolved soon!

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