Netgear AC800S extremely slow !!

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My AC800s has been super slow to download lately. I get 160Mbps in my phone but my modem only get 2-5Mpbs. I have 5 bars signal on the modem, live 100mtrs clear view from Optus tower next to Channel 7 (Refdern). I tried connecting through cable, restarting, changing wifi, APN, changing SIM, disconnecting external anthena, resetting to factory settings, nothing works. Upload speed is OK 40-60Mbps. Sometimes very randomly I get 50Mbps download, but it's 1 time out of 20 and after resetting and then back to slow.


1) Could you please point me to the repository for older firmware?

2) Could you check Optus tower configuration located at Technology park next to Channel 7? It seems that the tower is limitting modems connections because my phone works perfectly all the time, and this modem used to work great since I bought it in December, only started recently.

It could be a harware issue on the modem, but doesn't sound like it.




Re: Netgear AC800S extremely slow !!


Hey @Matias, it looks like there was planned maintenance on the particular tower due to finish this morning. Can you monitor the service over the next 48 hours for improvement?


It is strange that your mobile would be unaffected. It could be that your mobile can access another 4G band that your Netgear can't.


If the issues continue, send me a private message with the below information and I'll raise with with our mobile network team for investigation.


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Re: Netgear AC800S extremely slow !!


Hi, thanks for your reply. The problem didn't solve on Monday after the planned maintenance. The tower is ok as my phone has full speed (except when therhering) download speed goes extremely slow (like my router). I also took my router to work and compared my phone speed with my AC800s and it was fast again (like my phone). 


This concludes that the issue is an Optus limitation on my account linked to a geo-location. Perhaps after opening certain amount of socket connections per month??


I'm hoping it is linked to my billing cycle and that the problem clears away on next cycle. Anyway, really dissatisfied with using mobile internet as main home internet...


Re: Netgear AC800S extremely slow !!


Issue seems to have resolve now. Still, it would be useful to have the link to the AC800S firmware repository just in case.


Re: Netgear AC800S extremely slow !!


Also, I need the latest firmware of Netgear AC800S, but seems nobody can provide it. 

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