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Hi I was on the online chat about 10 mins ago was talking to

the agent and they were telling me I don't have to pay for Netflix subscription fee Ive screenshot what he said .I asked him several times and he said I don't have to pay!!!

so I'm wondering how I go about fixing this problem as I only just signed up on Thursday and what they guy was telling me is I don't have to pay anything extra on the 2yr plan so I would like to put this  on please.I've got the screenshot if u want me to text or email them 

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Re: Netflix

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Hey buddy, with Mobile TV Streaming, the streaming portion does not incur any data usage.

Subscription fees still apply. 


This is taken from the Mobile TV Streaming forum post:


Mobile TV streaming is only data free when streamed through the participating apps from your mobile phone or tablet. Streaming has been optimised for mobile and tablet devices and will be in standard definition up to 1.5Mbps.

The following functions will not be data free:

  • Video downloads
  • Advertisements that the streaming service provider may insert into the app, these can be video ads or banner ads
  • Any analytics sent from the streaming services to understand your video preferences and usage
  • Authentication, for example, when the service confirms your login

Also, streaming on TVs (such as Chromecast and Apple TV) is excluded and will use data on your plan.

Streaming services may require subscription fees and may not have apps available on all operating systems.


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Re: Netflix


Look in your inbox mate thanks 

Re: Netflix


People are talking about Netflix a lot now days. Be it for the reason where Andy Yeatman left it or about the shows and movies on it. I would say the kids’ content was amazing when he was working with Netflix but now I don’t like it that much.

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